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About 2.4% of the general population is believed to be affected by peripheral neuropathy, commonly referred to as simply neuropathy. It is an injury and damage to a person's peripheral nerves, which transmit sensory and motor information between your body and your brain and spinal cord. Our Pawleys Island SC chiropractor can provide treatment and care to relieve your symptoms.

There are several types of peripheral nerves, all of which can be affected by neuropathy. This includes sensory nerves, motor nerves, and autonomic nerves. People with neuropathy can be expected to experience a wide variety of symptoms, including pain, sensation loss, and muscle weakness.


Essentially anyone can get neuropathy, though it's common for older adults. About 8% of people aged 55 and up are believed to have some kind of neuropathy. One of the leading causes is diabetes, a chronic health condition that impairs the way a person's body regulates and controls the amount of sugar in the blood. Since sugar is known to be pro-inflammatory, it can easily cause damage to nerves in a person with diabetes.

Physical trauma, overuse, or some sort of direct nerve impingement (often due to joint or muscle derangement) can lead to peripheral nerve damage in a specific area of the body. This can cause conditions like ulnar neuropathy (in the elbow), peroneal neuropathy (in the knee), cervical neuropathy (in the neck), and lumbar neuropathy or radiculopathy (in the lower back).

Other causes of neuropathy include autoimmune diseases, inherited neurological disorders, medication side effects, hormonal diseases, alcohol abuse, vitamin deficiencies, kidney disorders, and exposure to heavy metals and other toxins.

Neuropathy Treatment With Our Pawleys Island SC Chiropractor

Pawleys Island SC chiropractor Dr. Fico offers a number of natural and drug-free treatments that can help a person with neuropathy find relief from their pain and dysfunction. After a thorough examination to determine the cause or causes of your condition, Dr. Fico may utilize:

  • Spinal decompression and chiropractic adjustments to the spine and other joints (to relieve pressure on peripheral nerves and "reset" pain signals being sent via the nervous system)
  • Nutritional counseling and wellness products, to promote tissue healing, improved blood glucose control, and anti-inflammation (which is especially important for diabetic neuropathy treatment)
  • Summus Laser delivers specific red and near-infrared wavelengths of laser light designed specifically to induce a therapeutic effect within the body. These include increased circulation, decreased swelling, reduction in pain, and enhanced tissue repair.

Contact Our Pawleys Island SC Chiropractor for Natural Neuropathy Treatment

Are your neuropathy symptoms holding you back from a healthy active lifestyle? Come see how our Myrtle Beach and Pawleys Island SC chiropractor can help you manage your condition. To schedule your initial appointment, contact (843) 979-2273, and be sure to ask about our special offers: $49 for an initial laser treatment or $99 for an initial exam and spinal decompression.


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