Can a Pawleys Island Chiropractor Help Colic?

Colic is a condition where a baby cries dejectedly for hours or days and does not stop even when comforted. Many would agree that's a bummer. So how do you know if the baby has Colic? Not every baby who is crying has Colic. While most babies in Pawleys Island will cry without a reason, Colic affects 10% to 20% of the babies.

There are a few signs that could indicate your baby has colic. If you are in doubt, then you should consider the following questions:

  • Does the baby’s rib cage feel tense?
  • Is the bay crying with a piercing or loud cry?
  • When crying, does the baby flex the legs?
  • Is the baby about 3 weeks old?
  • Does she clench her fingers tin fists?

For most babies, colic starts when they are 3 weeks old, and last for 3 months on average; in some cases it could last longer.

Unfortunately, the cause of Colic is yet to be established, which makes treatment tougher. Some of the most common methods used to treat Colic are medication, dietary changes, infant positioning, as well as treatment by a pediatric chiropractor.

Pediatric chiropractic care in Pawleys Island care has proved to be the most effective with about 94% of Colicky babies showing substantial improvement after receiving chiropractic adjustments. The pediatric chiropractor treatment used is conservative, gentle, and very successful in treating babies exhibiting Colic symptoms.

Researchers found that the use of spinal manipulation worked to relieve infants of colic. The clinical trial was published by the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. In the study, babies with Colic were divided into two groups. One group was given chiropractic adjustments by a pediatric chiropractor, and the second group was given an anti-gas medication. The mothers of the babies who received medication recorded only a 38% drop in their crying, while mothers for those that received a chiropractor adjustment recorded a 67% decrease in crying.

What Goes on During Chiropractic Treatment Sessions?

Pediatric chiropractors in Pawleys Island work to restore nerve function and movement to fixated or locked up joints. The babies are carefully laid on their mother's chest and a doctor examines their spine's joints and bones.

Once they identify area so the spine that are locked, they gently apply light impulses or what they refer as chiropractic adjustments to unlock them. It's equivalent to relieving pressure in your finger and knuckles by cracking them.

The light impulses imparted by the chiropractor restore motion to the infant's joints and clear any pain that may have resulted from irritated nerves.

Other areas of the infant's body that can be disturbed by irritated nerves are the intestines, stomach, and abdominal organs, which lead to build up of gas within the intestines.

Most babies after receiving the chiropractic treatment are immediately relieved of their pain and discomfort and proceed to rest in their mother's arms peacefully.

The Pediatric chiropractor’s specialty is in the detection and correction of areas in joints and spine to restore their functionality. Once they restore the normal functioning of the infant's nervous system, the baby's brain can effective send nerve supply to the digestive tract.

The outcome is having a contented and happy baby. Most babies of who have received chiropractic care sleep for extended periods, rarely cry uncontrollably, and general experience relief from Colic.

Can a Chiropractor Work with Kids?

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