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Welcome to Strand Spine Institute

Natural Healing & Chiropractic Wellness for Families since 1999.

Our Vision & Mission

Strand Spine Institute is an innovative treatment and wellness center bridging the gap between traditional and holistic healthcare.  We aim to be the go-to health professionals bringing natural healing and wellness through principled chiropractic care to the families of our community - newborns to the elderly.  

Our mission is to educate, empower and adjust our community to unlock their body’s self-healing potential through the chiropractic and wellness lifestyle.  

Our goal is to increase the degree in which people experience health and vitality by utilizing their innate, self-healing capabilities … all while preventing disease and reversing aging. Through education, regular spinal checks, meal planning, exercise, supplements and personalized coaching, every client will maximize their health potential and improve their quality of life.

Why Spinal Care is Key to Achieving Wellness

Throughout our everyday lives we experience pain that in some way be traced to our spine.  Our spine is the central core of our nervous system and these nerve fibers control the functions within our body – every organ, tissue and cell.  It is important to ensure that our spine is functioning properly to maximize our health daily and avoid many problems later in life.
Spinal health depends on removing nerve interference and maintaining movement.  Keeping active maintains and increases your body's ability to work properly and efficiently.  You may become physically injured by lack of being active, but in addition, your mental focus in life decreases.  You will become less productive and fall into a downward state of losing energy.  Eventually this may cause major problems with your body that become difficult to overcome.

We can get you started on your road to wellness and help you reach all of your health goals. Every person is unique; therefore everyone requires a customized wellness plan.  The purpose of our wellness program is for you to achieve good spinal alignment, have a healthy diet, exercise, and maintain a positive mental state.

Dr. Neil Fico
Pawleys Island Chiropractor | Strand Spine Institute | (843) 979-2273 | (843) 979-CARE

12465 Ocean Hwy
Pawleys Island, SC 29585