Spinal Decompression

Don’t Suffer Any Longer…
Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive
Treatment for Chronic Back & Neck Pain is Here.

Non-surgical Spinal decompression therapy was developed in response to the demand for safer, cost-effective alternatives to spine surgery for herniated and degenerated discs and the serious pain and disability these conditions cause. Surgeries for chronic or severe back pain and neck pain have risen sharply in the United States in recent years. This is due to many factors, not the least of which is the increase in SECOND and THIRD surgeries (called “revision” surgeries) performed due to poor results or complications from the first time around. Many experts believe we are NOT winning the war on back pain!

Relief for Severe Back & Neck Pain!

DRX9000 Spinal Decompression provides relief to severe back and neck pain sufferers by gently reducing the pressure within spinal discs. The bones of the spine are slowly and methodically separated using the state-of-the-art DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Unit. As the vertebrae are separated pressure is slowly reduced within the disc (intradiscal pressure) until a vacuum is formed. This vacuum “sucks” the gelatinous center of the disc back inside thereby reducing the disc bulge or disc herniation. Significant disc bulge reduction removes pressure off the spinal nerves and drastically reduces pain and disability. This “sucking” vacuum also pulls much-needed oxygen, nutrients and fluid into injured and degenerated discs allowing the healing to begin.

Gentle & Painless Decompression

The treatment motion is computer controlled to provide gentle and painless decompression of the injured spinal discs. Advanced DRX decompression techniques separate slowly and cycle between brief moments of pulling and relaxing (oscillation). This reduces protective muscle spasm that contributed to the poor success rate of outdated “traction” techniques.

Stop Suffering!

In the past, a patient suffering from disc problems may have been prescribed pain medications, instructed to refrain from physical activities, referred for physical therapy, received injections, and when they weren’t progressing, they were sent for spinal surgery. Conservative chiropractic care proved very helpful in many cases, yet there have been some cases when surgery seemed to be the only other option… until now.

Today, you may not have to live with that pain anymore. For more information about this treatment call Strand Spine Institute at (843) 979-2273 for a FREE consultation and to learn about our monthly ‘Meet the Doctor’ workshop.

Click here to view a chart comparing Spinal Decompression to other medical options.

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