K-Laser in Pawleys Island

Degenerative disc and joint disease cause more than just chronic pain. Over the days, weeks, and years to come, your life will change in many ways. Your mobility becomes limited, which means you don’t engage in much (if any) physical activity. You may not travel anymore or participate in some hobbies because of the pain. Sleeping becomes difficult, further complicating your life.

At this point, you may have strongly considered prescription painkillers or surgery to get back to the life you once lived. There is another way, and it’s known as K-Laser therapy.

What is K-Laser Therapy? The Secret Lies in Light Energy

Our chiropractor, Dr. Neil Fico, offers K-Laser therapy, which uses light energy for pain relief and healing. K Laser is a class IV laser, which is the top of its class. K-Lasers reach deep into the body to treat injured or degenerative tissues for a true change in pain levels.

How does this happen? Light has various wavelengths that can promote the tissue to heal. By targeting those wavelengths with the K-Laser, the light energy causes something called photobiomodulation. Light energy penetrates down to the cell’s membrane; which may be able to reverse damage to the injured or degenerative tissue. It increases oxygen and endorphins to the injured area (for less pain) and decreased healing time!

What Kinds of Results May You Expect? And in How Long?

With regular K-Laser therapy, you’ll finally have reliable, non-surgical, and drug free pain relief. In normal cases in a few appointments, you should notice less muscle spasms, less swelling and stiffness, increased range of motion, and less pain.

Once Dr. Fico and the laser technician decide to end your laser therapy, you should be experiencing less pain and more mobility. Allowing you to get back to the activities and hobbies that once enriched your life and enjoy these again without pain.

The Promotion of Healing by Laser Therapy in Myrtle Beach and Pawleys Island

There is nothing to fear about laser therapy. It does not hurt, requires little if any recovery time, and has few if any side effects. The laser tends to feel warm according to some patients.

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